I spit poetry on stage, sermons in the pulpit, and proselytize on the radio.  I've got  so much more to say.  I've also got some friends who are licensed and credentialed experts. Join me and my smart friends weekly for The Diva2de Perspective.

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Dr. Constance Foreman 

Heading 1

               He's Back! 

The Temple builder talks about what makes a man do 390 burpees, the vision for TB, and much more.

Temple Builders Burpee - Unknown Artist
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Barnett Temple Builders Pt 1 - Unknown Artist
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Meet Cliff Barnett

of Temple Builders Fitness.  We're talking getting healthy in the one nine.  Wanna know how to make lasting changes? Listen as Cliff tells us how. Check out the Builder's FB page for tips, quick workouts, recipes, and inspiration.  This dude's future is so bright...well you can see for yourself.

Temple Builders Part 2 - Unknown Artist
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Meet Daniel Watkins

My son-in-law Daniel, is smart, funny and fiercely loyal.  He has strong opinions and doesn't mind sharing them. He is quite the history buff  and has a degree to back it up so don't come for him unless you can take the heat.  He's a great husband, father.  Of all my sons in law named Daniel, he's my favorite.

Daniel - Unknown Artist
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Meet PFC Tempest Watkins

In the wake of Hurricane Florence I'm  hanging out with my daughter and my son-in-law my super cute grandbabies So meet my favorite soldier!

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