Wordup Logos T-hirts


Word Up Logos is the brainchild of Dierdre’ Parker-Rowson.  As She began to expand her knowledge of scripture, she wanted a way to remind herself to exhibit the Fruits of the Spirit in her everyday life.  Because she is a poet and lover of words, she came up with a few uniquely applied scriptural sayings. One summer, she, along with her sisters, created handmade t-shirts for a youth revival and the idea for the company was born.  As she matriculated through Hood Theological Seminary and was exposed to a deeper theological understanding, she realized that these uniquely phrased reminders are relevant to anyone.  Anyone can benefit from the reminders to be patient, kind, peaceful.  There were many false starts over the years.  It was not until she reunited with her long-lost love, that she had the encouragement and support to take “just keep trying until you get it right”.

Together, Dierdre and Wilbert have gone through the process of building Word Up Logos from a dream to a reality.  What’s their secret?  They never give up on each other and they never on their dreams.

*For custom orders email: diva@diva2de.com*