Ep. 41 “The Shark and the Water” with the Rev. Dierdre Parker

Racism is exhausting. Whether you're facing its fire, complicit in its actions, or unaware of its realities, racism is a weight that all of us bear, our lives and world impacted by it like the ocean and its shorelines. And speaking of oceans, far too often, we speak about racism as isolated incidents, happenings that we lament and are shocked by. We insist that these horrible experiences aren't reflective of "who we are," emphasizing them as unfortunate moments that aren't representative of the greater whole. We speak of racism like it is the sharks that any swimmer fears, when in fact racism and white supremacy is more like the ocean water itself. We all swim in it, and each of us in our own ways are worn down by it.

In this 41st episode of Instructions For Living a LifeDierdre Parker reflects with her trademark wit, fire, and frank honesty about how racism has shaped her own life. She explores her thoughts about the state of our country, the need for white people to be willing to do their own work, her practices of self-care, and her hopes, fears, and frustrations as a black female preacher, mother, and grandmother. It was an honor to speak with her and listen to her, and we're excited to share this episode with you.

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