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Fanchon is Back!

In this, the final episode on race, we are joined by Franchon Francees who was with us for the mental health series (check the archive link).  Now she is here to discuss race in America from the perspective of an Indigenous American.  I promise you this episode is heart warming and gut-wrenching.  I can't thank Franchon enough for giving it to us real and unfiltered.

Franchon Pt 1 - Unknown Artist
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Franchon Pt 2 - Unknown Artist
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In the House

In this week's episode in the series on race we are joined by a man who wears many hats. And while he is probably know most for his work with substance use, he's setting that hat to the side.  

Here we have a candid conversation with the man, the myth, the legend...Kenny  House.  Kenny shares an interesting perspective and a unique way of explaining privilege.  Thanks, Kenny,  for being willing to sit down and share with us at the Diva2de Perspective

Kenny House - Diva2de Perspective
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Shootin' the breeze

This week, our third in the series on race, we talk to Shannon Puschaver .  Shannon never meets a stranger and I really enjoyed our conversation on a very tough subject.  Thank you Shannon for your honest and vulnerability and sincerity. 

Shannon - Diva2de
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In this, our second episode on race, I am excited to introduce you guys to  the Pastor of City Life Church, Mike Dickey.  With an infectious laugh and a very unconventional philosophy, Mike shares with us his views on race and the importance of building relationships.  Thanks for sharing with us Mike!  I wish I'd gotten a picture of your tattoo!

Part One - Mike Dickey
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Part Two - Mike Dickey
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Let's Talk about RACE

To kick off our series on race, we are joined on The Diva2de Perspective by Ethan Welch, the pastor of the Bridge ILM for a candid conversation. Thanks Ethan for your candor.  This is a great beginning.

Race with Ethan Welch - Diva2de
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"Deloris van Cartislay"

In this bonus track of the Diva2de Perspective I'm pleased to introduce you to my eldest daughter and actor Tyanna West.  She is playing Deloris  Van Cartier in Raleigh Little Theatre's upcoming production of Sister Act.  This is more than just a case of nepotism, this Diminutive Diva Slays!

Check her website for more information on the show as well as her other activities.

Deloris van Cartislay - Tyanna West
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Dating over 50

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

This week it's just me and I'm talking about dating over 50.  It aint no joke y'all! I'm so glad that I am covered by the grace of a God who says I, even I am (s)He who blotteth out thy transgressions and for Mine own sake will not remember them.  I am number 5.  Before we jump into some heavy lifting, here's a little something light!  Join me on FB Live @ 9:00 PM.  We can talk about this!

Catfishing : Dating over 50 - Diva2de
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